Hangsen NEW product E-Hookah

Do you remember Hookah in movies? Now we have electronic one, Hangsen E-Hookah, Slim

and smooth design, long lasting power with up to 800 puffs and delivers really amazing taste

with our basic over 31 shisha flavors,other hangsen flavors also for your choice.

Learn more: http://www.hkhangsen.com/productviewnew-600.html

Contact your local distributors and get it.

hangsen e-hookah

hangsen e-hookah


3 Ways to spot a Fake Hangsen E-liquid Bottle

You may already know that Hangsen supplies E-liquids to millions of consumers around the

world. Why are we so popular?It’s the combination of great tastes, fantastic lineup, fair price,

and superior quality. Yes, quality. Think about that for a moment…E-liquids are something

that goes into your body, so quality is of utmost importance.


Ensure you’re using genuine Hangsen products, because this means that they have gone

through the rigors of testing, quality control and R&D.We deploy ISO9001 and GMP

certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery

to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard. We pay attention to every

detail. Hangsen has received SGS, TUV, CE, ROHS certificates.


The bottom line is with Hangsen, you can rest assured you have a quality product you can

trust.Unfortunately the consumer market is peppered with a few fake Hangsen product

companies. On the surface they “look” like Hangsen, but these products aren’t safe, have

poor taste and aren’t built to quality standards. Stay safe, protect your health and protect the

value of your e-liquid investment.


3 ways to spot a fake:
1.  Genuine Hangsen bottles have a PATENT on the design: If you take a closer look at the

genuine Hangsen bottle, you will find there are “HS”marks both on the cap edge and at the

bottom of the bottle. Additionally, Hangsen bottles have double-decked and separable

caps – fake bottles don’t have this.


2. Look for groves inside the inner cap: On the top of the inner cap are six symmetrical grooves.

Fake branded products don’t have this. Below pictures are for your reference.

Hangsen 1-1


Hangsen 1-2



3.A super low price: Please be very cautious about liquid with a very low price. HANGSEN liquids

are made with premium ingredients, so the price is reasonable but never super cheap. If someone

is offering a price much lower than other websites, then it is likely a fake HANGSEN liquid.


If you aren’t sure, please contact us and we’ll confirm if the supplier you may purchase from is a

genuine, authorized reseller of Hangsen e-liquid products.


Hangsen Perfect Match:ECHO-EVOD + C5R PRO

When you are troubled with choosing what kind of battery and clearomizer to match best in this winter,Hangsen give you our honest suggestion-ECHO-EVOD and C5R PRO,this combination has in style metallic appearance and functionally give you long lasting,smooth vaping.

Contact your local distributors and get it.


Hangsen perfect match: ECHO-EVOD+C5R PRO

Hangsen perfect match


Hangsen New Products-C5R PRO,Metallic Stylish Clearomizer

C5R PRO features airflow channels on the bottom,resulting in a nice draw. With Metallic appearance and invisible wicks,The stable C5R PRO also offers you greater vaporing sensation without worrying about leakage or crack.

Contact your local distributor to get it.


Hangsen C5R PRO

Hangsen C5R PRO


Best Holiday Gift——Hangsen Christmas Ecig Package

Holiday season is coming, here comes the gift from Hangsen-Christmas package with

all models of  Hangsen ecigs to choose from. Best choice as a gift to your beloved to lead

a healthier and easier lifestyle.

Hangsen Christmas

Hangsen Christmas Pakage





Why Hangsen E-cigarettes

Hangsen produces the best selling models currently in the market. Our models include disposable, rechargeable MINI and EGO series, and we are developing new model to suit the fast growing market needs. All our devices and parts have been certified by CE and RoHS to guarantee the safety.

Hangsen electronic cigarettes have various advantages over our competitors:

1. Hangsen uses the best materials in all our products.

Electronic cigarettes all look very similar, but the quality and consistency is driven by the material used. Hangsen uses the best materials including the best PP plastic, resistant cotton, quality heating coil, and first class (Grade A) battery to prevent leakage, burning and cracking problems.

2. Our engineering team has been in the industry since 2007.

The team possesses the know-how on making the best device to generate large vapor and bring out great taste from E-liquid. The structure of our devices is well designed so every part works together to deliver enjoyable experience to consumers. On the same resistance, our device generates more vapor than 95% of the devices in the market.

3. Hangsen truly cares about quality.

Our factory is equipped with advanced testing machines including temperature recycling machine, transportation simulation machine and battery exhaustion machine etc. Every product is tested before it’s dispatched to minimize the faulty rate.

4. Hangsen E-liquid works best with Hangsen electronic cigarettes.

Millions of consumers globally are using Hangsen E-liquid daily. They look for a device that would bring them the best smoking result with their favorite liquid. The engineering teams in Hangsen E-liquid and e-cig departments work closely together, to make sure our e-cig gets the best out of our liquid and deliver the real taste and sensation to consumers.

Hangsen strives to deliver quality products, at the right price and short time period. With the current seasonal cycle of the product, many manufacturers struggle to meet the demand in the peak seasons and fail to deliver quality products at a fast pace. With our advanced computer system we plan 3 months ahead on material procurement and production process, to make sure that we deliver at shorter time than most manufacturers in the market, at consistent quality, so our clients are always ahead of their competitors



How to Recognize Hangsen E-liquid

Hangsen has now become the most well known name in the global market as E-liquid manufacturer. We strongly feel proud of the recognition of Hangsen quality from consumers. We thrive to provide the best smoking experience to the worldwide e-smoking consumers with our stringent quality control and R&D capabilities.

Recently we see some fake Hangsen products arise in the market, damaging the Hangsen brand name. These fake products are made by small Chinese manufacturers in uncontrolled and unqualified environment, with low quality ingredients. Yet they acclaim themselves as Hangsen products. These products, with bad taste and cheap quality, could potentially cause harm on human body because the low grade of ingredients and the production environment.

Our products are consistent in every batch with the aid of our in-house developed software and automatic production system. We deploy ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard. We pay attention to every detail. Hangsen has received SGS, TUV, CE, ROHS certificates.

Hangsen e-liquid has been sold to more than 80 countries worldwide, and we have OEM business partners in numerous countries. In many of them, Hangsen is the best recognized and recommended products by consumers. There must be some reason for all these data and all the recognition.

We would like more and more consumers to enjoy the authentic HANGSEN products. Here are some tips on how to recognize authentic HANGSEN liquid. Hope it helps

1. For all the bottles we use we’ve got PATENT on the design. If you take a closer look at the original Hangsen bottle, you will find there are “HS” marks both on the cap edge and at the bottom of the bottle. Different from the fake one, Hangsen bottle has double-decked and separable caps.

2.  On the top of the inner cap are six symmetrical grooves. Below pictures are for your         reference. Compare these liquid with the HANGSEN bottled liquid. If they taste different, then we can tell those are fake products. So we would recommend all consumers to buy authentic HANGSEN products.

3. Please be very cautious about liquid with very low price. HANGSEN liquid is made with premium ingredients, and therefore the price is reasonable but never cheap. If someone is offering price much lower than other websites, then it is likely fake HANGSEN liquid.

We have been concerned with the genuine Hangsen products and will take law actions to protect your rights. If you have any question, please contact us



We are so excited to announce another NEW e-cigarette—D4LADY, just like its name, disposable e-cig specifically for our ladies!

Men would actually prefer bigger models like Hangsen ECHO series, VIVI tank etc., stronger throat hit and greater vapor; while this lady style disposable e-cigarette is much slimmer, elegant and stylish, perfect to hold in hand thus enjoy your vaping experience. Also the disposable one is much more convenient and affordable, so it’s absolutely a wise choice to start if you decide to make the switch to e-cigarette.

For a lady, D4LADY is awesome to try; for a gentleman, this must be a best choice for your lady!

To know more: www.hkhangsen.com



Hangsen New Arrival, Shisha Flavor for June

After launching our 24 SHISHA flavors, we have got good feedbacks from our customers and keep innovating. This June, we have launched 7 more new SHISHA flavors to better satisfy your taste buds. In the coming few months, we will release even more.

The newly launched 7 finely selected flavors will certainly fresh your mind and delight your day: Green Apple, Tropical Joy, “Summer King” Watermelon, Cappuccino, Blackberry, “cool and melting fusion” Fresh Chocolate and Soft Juicy, all are rather pleasant flavors with our consistent premium quality, and even greater experience with our disposable e-cig SHISHA pen.

We will announce more new Shisha flavors later. Keep an eye on us

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